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New EPR Equipment Provides More Research Opportunities

The Bruker Biospin EleXsys-II E-540 EPR L-band animal imaging system.

We are thrilled to announce a significant upgrade to the BBHI Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) Core facility in Domenici Hall. EPR, often also called ESR (Electron Spin Resonance) is a method for studying materials that have unpaired electrons. A surprisingly large number of materials have unpaired electrons including foods, diamonds, metal ions, defective materials and free radicals. As a result, EPR crosses several disciplines of science.

A major step forward in our EPR capabilities came with a full upgrade of the original EPR animal system to a Bruker Biospin EleXsys-II E-540 EPR L-band animal imaging system, thanks to funding from a NIH COBRE Administrative Supplement Award (P30 GM103400 05S1). Small animal imaging and spectroscopy can now be performed up to gradient field strengths of 40 G/cm (0.40 T/m) to allow for sub-millimeter resolution with an acquisition depth up to 30 mm.

Moreover, the magnet of our Bruker EPR X-band system was fully upgraded to a Bruker (ER 073w) 10" magnet with matching power supply, along with digital data collection upgrades for both systems to improve usability, sensitivity, resolution and stability for Core users.

These advances are invaluable for enhanced sensitive measurements of free radicals and oxygen (oximetry) in animals and small samples, such as chemical solution, tissue homogenates, brain tissue slices and cell cultures. Thus, the ability to obtain measurements of oxidative stress, redox status, chemical kinetics, electron exchange, structural biology, etc. in many different studies becomes a reality, particularly highlighting brain injury and CNS pathophysiology.

Jim Liu, PhD (EPR Core Director) and John Weaver, PhD (EPR Core Senior Research Scientist - pictured here) in the Department of Pharmaceutical Science, College of Pharmacy, led the Supplemental Award effort with the support of BBHI, and direct operations of the Core and both systems. Congratulations Jim, John and BBHI on the success of the application and upgrades! For information about scheduling use, contact Gwen Azar.

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