News from Domenici Hall Core Facilities

Preclinical MRI Core Upgrade

We are excited to announce that there will be a significant upgrade to the BBHI animal MRI core facility in Domenici Hall. The current 4.7T system will be replaced with a Bruker 7T system, thanks to funding from an NIH S10 award (S10 OD021598). This is a major step forward for animal imaging at UNM, and will be invaluable for maintaining competitiveness of our preclinical brain and behavioral health research programs. At larger field strengths, there is improved contrast for imaging blood; larger spectral separations between different chemical specifies; and improved sensitivity for diffusion spectrum imaging, chemical exchange saturation transfer, and perfusion imaging such as continuous arterial spin labeling and dynamic contrast enhanced imaging. The ability to obtain structure, function, diffusion, perfusion, and spectroscopic images in a single scan becomes a reality at 7T, especially for mice.

Reed Selwyn PhD (Vice Chair for Research in the Department of Radiology) led the S10 effort, and will direct operation of the 7T. Congratulations Reed on the success of this application!

We anticipate installation of the new system in December 2016 or January 2017. More specific information will be distributed to all current and potential users as soon as it becomes available.

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